Friday, December 23, 2011

New day, new beginning

I didn't just stumble here. A friend linked me to her food blog, and I accidentally logged in to leave her a comment. It's one of those fated things. So why not sign up?  I've been a live journal user for well over 9 years and though I continue to use them, I've found it's been much more sporadic over the last handful of seasons.

Much of that has been because I've just not wanted to spill what's in my head. Perhaps with a new place to speak, a new format to talk in, I can just let go?  There are people over at the old place that I just don't want to have listening in. My ex's paranoia has some what rubbed off on me. I know that he has his spies listening in, reporting back to him. I could simply remove them, but I've known them longer. Or I could simply just stop giving a shit.

Today is the anniversary of the day he told me - via G-chat, that he was no longer my master.  It should feel different, that a year ago, I was incredulous. In February, he revoked his friendship. Actually, that was more my doing, calling him on his lies. but I digress, the truth comes out that he was a duplicitious fuck and I'm better off not being led down a path I don't really want to take any more. I've healed (some) I've grown a lot and I am far happier this year - at least these last six months, than I have been in the past 2 combined.  Yay for healing.