Monday, January 16, 2012

The more they change..

The more they stay the same.

There is a need in me to address -that- side of my personality. I know it, I feel it, and it does not hes not help that "the Gentleman" is of that breed and ilk that I could easily submit to.

It does not help that he likes to be called "Daddy" and responds in kind by calling me "girl" which makes my panties wet and my toes curl.  

What does help is that he is an established MAN. That he has a family, an OSO and a girlfriend. That he does not seem to be a manipulative asshole like the last, and has no intent to harm.  Punish, perhaps but not harm. His goal is not to see how many hearts and souls he can rend.

We are both sexually interested in each other. We've gone on.. 2 meetings and one date. Yet nothing beyond kissing has occured. That I can turn him on with a kiss is good. VERY good.  We will see where this leads. I am in a much better headspace than I was a year ago, even six months ago. HELL even 4 weeks ago.

I think I'm ready to explore.